A New Seasonal, an Old Favorite, and a Beloved Gelato

An extraordinary pizza at Restaurant Marlow in Pukalani sent us over the moon.

Created in Naples as a simple street food, pizza is now ubiquitous across the planet. In some places, it’s treated as high cuisine, in others as fast food. Some pizza purists abide by the official Neapolitan pizza standards codified by the Italian government and eschew exotic ingredients. Others favor Chicago deep dish or rectangular Detroit-style pan pizza and experiment with all sorts of toppings. At Pagliacci, we love a great-tasting pizza with inspired ingredients, whatever its style. We top our hand-tossed pies with topping combinations inspired by dishes eaten far and wide. When we travel, we’re always on the lookout for new ideas. We return home with notes, photos, and menus, and our food team takes the best ideas and experiments to see what shines on our New York-style crust. Not everything turns out. But sometimes, we come up with a winner.  

We found the inspiration for our newest pizza on a trip to Maui. An extraordinary pizza at Restaurant Marlow in Pukalani sent us over the moon. The pizza’s beauty was in its simplicity — a handful of excellent ingredients in just the right proportion and perfectly cooked. Marlow chef and co-owner, Jeff Scheer, sources many of his ingredients locally from farmers, and ranchers from whom they get whole market hogs to make their own specialty meats, such as the coppa on our favorite pizza. Marlow’s approach to quality, service and community is near and dear to our hearts. Our tribute, The Marlow Primo, features coppa, creamy burrata, and cherry tomatoes on an olive oil base sprinkled with chili flakes. We top the baked pie with fresh arugula. 

Our second seasonal takes its flavor cues from the famous sauce found on tables throughout Buenos Aires: Chimichurri. The garlicky herb, oil and vinegar sauce jazzes up just about everything. We love it best on vegetables. The Argentine, our hearty vegetarian pizza, has traditional and smoked mozzarella, Parmesan, roasted eggplant and cherry tomatoes, and our house-made peperonata (our made-in-house spin on the Southern Italian delicacy featuring roasted red and yellow bell peppers marinated in garlic, herbs, spices, and vinegar) over an olive oil base. We top the pie with a drizzle of tangy, green chimichurri sauce, which adds zest and flavor to this seasonal favorite.  

Our seasonal gelato is for all the cheesecake lovers out there! Gelatiamo’s Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato is a flavorbomb. It features a silky cheesecake base swirled with house-made strawberry jam and graham-cracker streusel. 

Publish Date: January 26, 2023