My brother, my cousin and I (all Italians) opened Pagliacci Pizza on the "Ave" in the University District in 1979. It didn't have a cash register or a safe. It would be more than a year before we would get around to putting up a sign. It was not a very business-like business. We just wanted a place where we could get good pizza. It was as simple as that. The place did make good pizza, just as we knew it would. It became popular, just as we had hoped. It even made a profit and that was nice. If that is all that had happened, it wouldn't be much of a story. What surprised us was how much people cared. Pagliacci became this odd place where the customers and the employees lobbied incessantly on behalf of what they said was the "soul" or the "personality" of the place. We had never experienced anything like it. I became curious and started spending my lunch hours there. Then, my evenings. Then weekends. I got caught up in whatever it was that was affecting the customers and the crew. I learned I loved the place. I loved working with the employees and serving the customers. I too got in touch with the soul and personality of the place. That's when I realized that I really wanted to quit my job and work at Pagliacci. Then and now, many of the really good things about Pagliacci Pizza have come from the customers and the employees.

Dorene Centioli-McTigue, Founder

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The Pagliacci Pizza app makes ordering more convenient than ever–from wherever you are–and rewards loyalty. Choose from Pagliacci favorites and seasonal pies or customize your pizza. Everything on our menu is available on the app, including salads, calzone, breadsticks, pasta, beer and wine, and gelato. Best of all, loyalty pays! Order through the app and earn reward Pags. The bigger your order, the more Pags you earn. Pags may be redeemed anytime or you can continue to collect Pags and watch your balance grow!
1. Download
2. Order
Pizza, Salads, Beer, Wine and More!
3. Collect
5 Pags per $1 spent
100 Pags = $1
4. Redeem Once you earn pags, use them at any time!


  • Loyalty pays – earn Pags (money-saving rewards) with every order.
  • Do everything through the app.
  • Set your order for delivery or in-store pick up.
  • Create a profile to conveniently store your preferences, payment methods, addresses and recent orders. 
  • Keep a list of favorite items for easy reordering. 
  • Pay with credit card, debit card or Pagliacci gift card.
  • Qualify for bonus Pags days.
  • The app and Pags rewards work at all locations except the UW campus stores.
  • Scan at a store to earn and redeem Pags rewards on orders placed at locations.
  • Pags expire after one year of inactivity. To keep your account active, simply redeem or earn Pags during the year. Pags earned will not appear in account until the day after purchase.


"Working with local seasonal foods everyday inspires us to look after our environment. We actively seek fresh ways to use less and use wisely whether it’s composting boxes and food waste, saving water and energy, or doing our part to bring ’green’ power to the Pacific Northwest from local utilities." - Matt Galvin, co-owner

We've been committed to growing greener since 2006 and were one of the first restaurants to work with Cedar Grove Composting and the local public utilities departments to help develop their commercial composting program. I guess you could say that we were one of their guinea pigs. We have extended our kitchen composting practices to our dining rooms. One of our goals is to make sure that all of our food containers and packaging are either recyclable or compostable. We are happy to say we are almost there.

In addition to our composting and recycling practices as well as our commitment to deliver only compostable or recyclable items, we have purchased green power from both Seattle City Light and Puget Sound Energy since 2006. Both of these local utilities draw renewable energy from resources located right here in the Pacific Northwest. Key sources are Washington State dams, the Stateline Wind Project and Hanford Solar Facility.

We also use several Green Seal certified cleaning chemicals and are currently working on receiving LEED certification for our newest delivery kitchen in Madison Park.


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Over the decades, Pagliacci has been voted a Seattle Favorite in many polls. Pagliacci has also received a few awards as well. It means a lot to the people who work here. Thank you for voting for us.

Voted "Best Pizza"

2012 - 2017, 1986 - 2007
(retired from category 2008-2011)
Seattle Weekly

"So Fresh and So Green Award"

Eastside Green Business Challenge

Voted "Best Takeout Food"

2012, 2008 and 1999
Seattle Magazine

Pacific NW Champion

Forest Service Council - US

Voted "Best Pizza"

2008, 2005 and 2004
AOL.com City's Best

Recycler of the Year

Composting & Food Waste Recycling
Washington State Recycling Association

Lifetime Achievement Award

Golden Slice
Seattle Weekly

Voted Western Washington's "Best Pizza"

2008, 2007 and 1997-2004
Evening Magazine KING-TV

Voted People's Pick

2006 - 2008 

Special Recognition from King County

2005 award in recognition of over 20 years as an employer of people with developmental disabilities

Washington State Jefferson Award

2000 Seattle

One of 8 pizzerias named Best in America

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