Sunday slice bar offerings

Sundays are the perfect day to grab a slice of one of our seasonal favorites, the Coppa Combo. It features coppa salami, pickled red onions and fresh mozzarella over a crushed Italian tomato base finished with arugula afterbake.

Also on the slice bar are our Original cheese pizza, Extra Pepperoni and Grand Salami featuring salami, Hempler's Canadian bacon, Cascioppo's Italian sausage, pepperoni and mozzarella over our seasoned tomato sauce.

Beer & WIne Delivery

We now deliver beer and wine everywhere we deliver pizza. All stores—excluding the UW campus locations—also offer beer and wine for take-out! After an extensive period of tasting and hard decision making, we settled on hometown favorites from Georgetown Brewing Company and Rainier in tall boys, of course. For wine we selected PourMe in both red and white, made by the celebrated winemakers at àMaurice Cellars in Walla Walla. So next time you’re looking to settle in with Pagliacci Pizza, kick back and relax, we’ve got you covered from drinks through dessert. Be sure to check out our latest newsletter all about Beer and Wine!

Origins of Beer - The birth of civilization?

The next time you're enjoying one of humanity's great inventions—the combination of pizza and beer (now delivered right to your front door)—take a moment to raise your glass to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia for making it all possible. Read our blog about the origins of beer!

Gift Cards

A Pagliacci Pizza gift card is the perfect gift for pizza lovers! Have it delivered with your pizza order or pick one up at any of our locations.


They're only here for a couple weeks and we work to source local ingredients to complement the season. See our menu for full descriptions.

Bacon Leek Primo

Roasted leeks have a creamy texture and a mellow, buttery, onion-like flavor. Salty bacon takes all that goodness and raises it a notch.

Coppa Combo

Coppa salami is a well-marbled, deep mahogany cut of pork shoulder that gets its brashness from smoky Spanish paprika and cumin.

Riso Gelato

One of Gelatiamo's most popular flavors. Its delicate flavor and texture are similar to rice pudding or a creamy tapioca.

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