Monday Slice bar offerings

Monday’s slice bar offerings include our Salumi Combo. It features spicy pepperoni by Salumi Artisan Cured Meats, mushrooms and ricotta cheese.  

Our slice bars also feature our Original cheese pizza, Extra Pepperoni and Verdura Primo, which is a combination of roasted artichokes, Mama Lil's peppers, spinach, parsley, ricotta and fresh mozzarella on a pesto base.

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Pagliacci Pizza supports many local arts organizations. A favorite is the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Their Professional Division is one of the premier ballet training programs in the country. To learn more about what it takes to become a professional dancer we spoke with two very inspiring and talented students in the program. You can see Professional Division students in PNB's upcoming production of Pinocchio, performed by PNB students. Shows are March 17 and 23. Read more about PNB here!

Now Hiring Drivers

We're hiring for drivers at many of our locations! We offer fantastic benefits, including paid time off, health insurance options and a 401(k) plan with employer matching. There are flexible schedules, from a handful of hours per week to full time. Check out our jobs page for more information! 

Pagliacci Pizza App

It's finally happened, we have an app! In the works for over three years, the Pagliacci app makes ordering more convenient than ever—from wherever you are—and rewards loyalty. Everything on our menu is available on the app, including salads, calzone, breadsticks, pasta, beer and wine, and gelato. Best of all, you earn rewards when you use the app. The more you order, the more you earn! Pagliacci’s app is now available at Google Play or at the Apple App Store. Begin building up your Pags account today! Learn more about the app on our blog.


They're only here for a couple weeks and we work to source local ingredients to complement the season. See our menu for full descriptions.

Salame Piccante

A seasonal favorite featuring rosmarino salami from Salumi Artisan Cured Meats.

Broccolini Combo

Featuring broccolini roasted with sesame seeds, garlic oil and red pepper flakes.

Cappuccino Gelato

Full flavored and velvety in texture, this is the perfect gelato for coffee lovers.

Gift cards


A Pagliacci Pizza gift card is the perfect gift for pizza lovers! Have it delivered with your pizza order or pick one up at any of our locations.