The Seasonal that Started it All is Back! (Plus other seasonal news)

Asparagus Prosciutto

Inspired by the tender, flavorful asparagus grown in Eastern Washington that fills the Pike Place Market in spring, we started featuring seasonal pizzas in 1993. Our state has such a diversity of climate and soil conditions: from the fertile soil in the Skagit Valley to the dry alluvial soil in the Palouse, from the damp verdant climate of the coastal lowlands to the hot, dry high desert in the east. This allows us to showcase an incredible range of local products. From asparagus to Skagit strawberries, Yakima Valley peaches to Walla Walla onions, wild mushrooms from our western forests to esteemed local producers of cured meat and sausage, we live among an embarrassment of riches. 

If there were a seasonal pizza hall of fame, our Asparagus Prosciutto would be the inaugural member. Over thirty years ago this pizza was The Seasonal — as in the only one! Its success launched our seasonal offerings into orbit. Warm spring days and cool nights and the mineral-rich volcanic soil in Eastern Washington make our state the nation’s largest and best producer of asparagus. In fact, this year's warmer than average spring has given the crop an early start, and it is thriving! For our Asparagus Prosciutto, we roast the tender local asparagus and layer it with delicate prosciutto, Taleggio — a mild cheese with a fruity tang — and mozzarella over a roasted garlic oil base. 

Our second seasonal is Tomato Basil. What is it about tomatoes and basil that makes them harmonize so well together on the palate? Italians have been pairing them since the 19th century. There’s just something about the bright, fruity acids of tomatoes that complements the sweet, peppery fragrance of basil. Our Tomato Basil seasonal features tomatoes slow roasted with balsamic vinegar, garlic and basil. We layer the intensely flavored caramelized tomatoes over mozzarella and a roasted garlic oil base. After baking, we top the pie with fresh basil. 

And in the gelato department, we have Gelatiamo’s Strawberries & Cream. The Skagit Valley, an hour north of Seattle, has the most fertile soil in the state due to thousands of years of seasonal flooding by the Skagit and Samish rivers. The combination of climate and soil makes the Skagit Valley one of the best places in the world to grow berries. Fresh Skagit strawberries are the key to this Strawberries and Cream gelato. Gelatiamo swirls ribbons of silky sweet cream with their Skagit strawberry sorbet and mix in pieces of fresh Skagit strawberries. Order a pint (or two) while supplies last.  

Up the Bridges beer from Reuben's Brews is a celebrated addition to Seattle's craft beer scene, crafted especially for Ballard FC supporters. This refreshing pale ale boasts a clean, bright malt profile with a touch of caramel malt for balance. It features HBC 1019, Cashmere, Michigan Chinook, and orange-forward Cascade hops, resulting in a rich, soft hop character. Perfect for enjoying while watching the games, Up the Bridges captures the dynamic energy of Seattle in every sip, making it an ideal choice for both locals and visitors.

Publish Date: May 16, 2024