New Seasonals: Sicilian Cauliflower, Rosemary Potato, Cookie Dough Gelato

The Sicilian Cauliflower is back.

Leslie Mackie, Macrina Bakery’s founder, is admired in Seattle for her bread, pastries, and cakes, but also as a chef. Looking for inspiration for a new seasonal, we turned to Leslie for ideas. “I love the combination of roasted cauliflower contrasted with the sweetness of raisins and parsley,” says Leslie. “One of my favorite salads is roasted cauliflower, currants, parsley with a dash of aged balsamic vinegar, toasted pine nuts, and a drizzle of fruity extra virgin olive oil.”

John Clifford, Pagliacci’s Senior Director of Training and Development, heads our food team. He worked with Leslie to transform her treasured flavor combination into a seasonal pizza. The result: Our Sicilian Cauliflower. We pile tender, spiced-up roasted cauliflower and a medley of raisins, parsley, mozzarella, fontina, parmesan and breadcrumbs on our famous crust. One taste will explain better than any words why Leslie loves these flavors together. 

Our second seasonal is inspired by the classic Roman street pizza — patate al rosmarino. Our Rosemary Potato pizza features thinly-sliced roasted potatoes tossed with rosemary topped with tender marinated chicken (slightly sweet with a touch of heat), pickled red onions, fresh parsley, mozzarella and kasseri cheese on an olive oil base sprinkled with red pepper flakes. 

Our seasonal gelato offering is a comfort food that should hold the winter blues at bay: Cookie Dough. It isn’t a classic Italian gelato flavor yet — but Gelatiamo’s spin on the American classic may soon be. Guittard semi-sweet chocolate chips stud the chunks of raw cookie dough (made without raw eggs for food safety). Brown sugar and vanilla give the salty-sweet cream gelato base that classic cookie dough flavor.

Publish Date: December 29, 2022