Italian-Inspired Seasonal Pizzas and a Favorite Gelato

Rosemary Potato Primo

*These seasonals will run 12/30/21 - 1/25/22*

Maybe we’ve just been watching too much Stanley Tucci lately, but we’re in the mood for Italian—again! There’s just something enchanting and sensuous about Italian cuisine. We love the beautiful alchemy Italians use to elevate simple tastes and textures into something extraordinary. Both of our new seasonal pizzas take their inspiration from Italy, as does our seasonal gelato. 

The Italiano, a vegetarian seasonal, uses just a few complementary ingredients to create a complex and harmonious flavor combination. Slow-roasted garlic adds a buttery, mellow flavor to the tender baby spinach. A trio of Italian cheeses—mozzarella, fontina, and parmesan—add depth. We serve all this goodness on a crushed Italian tomato base and finish it with a sprinkle of sea salt. 

Our Rosemary Potato Primo is inspired by the classic Roman street pizza topped with thinly-sliced roasted potatoes tossed with rosemary— patate al rosmarino. In addition to the roasted rosemary potatoes, the pizza features our tender marinated chicken (slightly sweet with a touch of heat), pickled red onions, fresh parsley, mozzarella and kasseri cheese on an olive oil base sprinkled with red pepper flakes.  

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough may not sound like an Italian gelato flavor—and it’s not. But this Italian interpretation of the American classic will thrill your taste buds. Maria Coassin, Gelatiamo’s owner and flavor maestro, uses her skills as a gelato maker and baker to produce this flavorful gelato. Guittard semi-sweet chocolate chips stud the cookie dough, which is made without raw eggs for food safety yet still manages that indulgent cookie dough texture. The sweet cream gelato base is made with brown sugar, vanilla, and just the right salt balance for that classic cookie dough flavor. 

Publish Date: December 30, 2021