Figs, Golden Beets, and Berries

The Beet Pizza

Here we are again, the dog days of summer. We plan one more dip in the lake, another picnic in the park, a final dip in the lake. And we load up at our local farmers market, now at their glorious best. Gorgeous local fruit and produce overflow tables, baskets, and bins as fields and trees are picked clean for the season.  

The challenge is how to choose from so much luscious goodness. Figs, golden beets, and berries were the winners, and we created two seasonal pizzas around the first two, and Gelatiamo came up with a new gelato featuring a medley of ripe, fragrant berries.  

Our Prosciutto Fig is a fantastic combination of sweet, salty and creamy. Inspired by a favorite combo in Italy—farm-fresh figs and delicate prosciutto—the pizza also gets a base of fresh mozzarella, which takes it over the top. If you’re lamenting the end of summer, lose yourself for an evening in one of the best flavor medleys late summer has to offer: premium prosciutto layered with sliced ripe figs over fresh mozzarella on an olive oil base and garnished with fresh basil. 

Roasted golden beets—sweet, earthy and tender—are the star of The Beet Pizza. This innovative new pizza created by our very own Mikael Croy features sliced golden beets roasted in cumin and smoked paprika with red onions caramelized in balsamic vinegar, creamy goat cheese, and a combo of mozzarella and fontina over an olive oil base. Red chili flakes add a touch of heat, and a sprinkling of fresh parsley finishes it off. 

Those ripe berries inspired Maria Coassin, the owner and flavor magician at Gelatiamo, to come up with a new flavor: Mixed Berry & Yogurt Gelato. She updated “Frutta di Bosco,” a classic Italian flavor featuring a sweet medley of berries, with a creamy base made with tart Greek yogurt. The mouthwatering result will have you rushing back for seconds. 

Publish Date: September 8, 2022