Victor Mansanarez: Balancing Life, School, Work, and a Passion for Numbers

Victor Mansanarez works hard at school and Pagliacci.

The realm of accounting is a captivating constellation of numbers. For some, comfort is found in making patterns from the seeming chaos. Among them is Victor Mansanarez, an Accounting Specialist at Pagliacci. He sees numbers not as a muddle of digits but as a puzzle waiting to be solved. “It's fun to dig into what the differences are, trying to find where all these numbers came from, what's causing these smaller issues, and then that feeling when you get the numbers to balance just right — that’s what I love,” Victor says, describing a passion for accounting that kindled during his sophomore year at Seattle University.

It was during his undergraduate years that Victor found his way to Pagliacci. Starting as an intern in the summer of 2019 he felt a connection with the company's ethos and commitment to its employees and the larger community. Reflecting on his experience during the pandemic, Victor says, “Being here during the pandemic and seeing that they worked creatively to keep everyone, that they didn’t let any employees go due to the pandemic itself, was powerful. It showed how much they care about their employees and not just making money. Also, the way they did their community partnerships during the pandemic — it showed they also truly cared about the greater communities they are a part of.”

Victor transitioned from an intern to a full-time Accounting Specialist right out of school. When Seattle University began offering in-class instruction after the pandemic, Victor returned for his master’s degree in accounting, juggling his full-time job at Pagliacci with his full-time academic commitments. Victor acknowledges the challenges he faced, “A lot of times, I’d go from work directly to school. I’d get home at 10 or 11 at night and begin my homework or study some more before going to bed and waking up early for work the next day.” He credits Pagliacci's flexibility with helping him manage his demanding schedule.

Raised in Kirkland, Victor is tightly connected to his family who are also Seattle University alumni. In early June, his proud parents attended graduation ceremonies not just for Victor, who received his master’s degree, but also his younger sister who earned an undergraduate degree in nursing from Seattle University.

Victor looks forward to a well-earned reprieve from the pressures of both student and full-time employee. When asked what he’s going to do with all the extra time, he says, “I've been working on my studying so much these past few weeks, I hadn't even thought about what comes next. Going to movies with friends, playing some video games.”

After a much-needed respite from academia, Victor intends to embark on the demanding journey to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), which includes a grueling series of exams and working under the mentorship of a licensed CPA. Asked where he sees himself in ten years, Victor says, “I think I'd still like to be working at Pagliacci. They have been really helpful in my professional career. I enjoy being a part of this community. It’s been a great opportunity.”

Publish Date: July 12, 2023