Meet Josh Rommel: Pagliacci’s Business Intelligence Analyst

Josh Rommel
Josh Rommel
A puzzle solver at heart, Josh Rommel, began his inspiring journey with Pagliacci as a driver before landing his present job.

Josh Rommel loves puzzles and people. It was the latter that drew him to Pagliacci, where he first worked as a driver for three years, and his love of problem-solving that led him to his current role as a business intelligence analyst with the company. “I just love puzzle solving,” says Josh, whose intrinsic drive to make sense of complexities holds true in both numbers and life. “And I love creating reports, working with data. It's something I'd always dreamt of doing, but I figured it was out of reach. However, I started taking courses on my own and applied for the job when it opened. Pagliacci took a chance on me.”

Josh's journey with Pagliacci began in the summer of 2018 as a driver at the Ballinger store. A serendipitous tip from his then-girlfriend led him to the job — what he thought at the time would be a short break from school. We recently celebrated his fifth anniversary at Pagliacci. Over three years as a driver, Josh aspired to find a career with the company that would challenge his analytical mind. “My entire life, I’ve been obsessed with games and puzzles,” says Josh. He moved to the office as an accounting assistant, applied himself, and was promoted to Business Intelligence Analyst in late 2023.

Initially, the shift from the open roads to the structured environment of an office was a challenge. He loved the work and wanted to continue, but transitioning from the bustling, conversation-filled store environment to an office job was a significant change. “I was used to the noise and fast pace in the locations, constantly talking to people, alternating with time in the car listening to music. I used to close three days a week. It was so fun to be with the other closing drivers and the cooks and managers,” says Josh. “Now it’s mostly quiet, focused work, but I get to solve puzzles every day. I also got to design a contest for the stores, which was basically like creating a game. That was one of my favorite things I've ever done.”

Josh’s work involves creating and updating reports to streamline business operations, a role that aligns with his love for data and accounting. His knack for automating tasks using Excel tools like VBA and Power Query, as well as Microsoft’s Power Automate, puts his skills in high demand. For him, it’s about more than a desire for efficiency — it’s about finding solutions that simplify the complex.

Beyond the numbers — and offering a window into Josh’s deep empathy — is his dedication to the disabled community. Raised in a family where disability was a part of the daily narrative, Josh's understanding of and advocacy for this community are deeply personal. His mother suffers from cerebral palsy, his father from epilepsy, and his sister is autistic. Josh has also navigated the challenges of a learning disability himself. “I worked as a caregiver and for years I helped with the Special Olympics,” says Josh. “I’m always willing to help that community in whatever way I can. You’d be surprised how many people who are considerate of other communities just don’t really care about people who are disabled and will use words that are harmful without even thinking about it. I always stand up for them. I promised my parents that I always would.”

In his free time, Josh, not surprisingly, plays a lot of complex board games, including Magic the Gathering and his favorite, Betrayal at the House on the Hill. You’ll also find him letting loose at Barbosa or Showbox Sodo, favoring local bands like Band of Horses and the occasional metal band.

Pagliacci is more than a workplace for Josh; it's a community that echoes his values of empathy and teamwork. “I said this when I was a driver, and it’s still true now: the community is just the most important thing to me,” says Josh. “Before working here, I worked seven or eight different jobs, and this is just the absolute best community I could ask for. I go out of my way to attend every company event, to talk to people from the locations. I just love so many people that work here.”

Publish Date: January 11, 2024