Maui Fundraiser Recap: A Huge Thank You

Thank you for helping with our Maui Fundraiser.

On behalf of the people of Maui, we extend our deepest gratitude for your overwhelming generosity. Whether you contributed to our GoFundMe, savored The Hawaiian pizza, or simply helped spread the word, your efforts have made a significant impact. Here is an update on the results of our fundraising campaign:

The Impact of Your Donations

Why Maui Holds a Special Place in Our Hearts

Maui is not just a dream destination; it's a homeland that holds a special place in our hearts. Michelle Galvin, co-owner of Pagliacci, was born on Maui, and both her parents, as well as their parents, were raised on the island. Her parents met as teenagers while working at a pineapple canning factory. Years later, she and her husband, Matt Galvin, decided to import fresh pineapple from Maui for Pagliacci’s The Hawaiian. Her connections to the island run deep, and the Galvins have returned frequently for family events. Matt often says, “You don’t really know Michelle unless you have seen her on Maui.”

The Devastating Reality

The wildfire in Lahaina has left nearly 100 people dead, thousands homeless, and more than 2,000 structures burned. The pain of seeing her homeland in ruins is unbearable. Many of her cousins' friends are now without a home, job, or both. The road to recovery for Maui, especially its west side, will be long and arduous.

An Additional Donation

In the wake of the devastation in Lahaina, which has left more than 100 people dead and thousands homeless, the culinary community has responded in the way it knows best: by feeding people. One of Michelle Galvin's favorite chefs, Sheldon Simeon — a Maui-based chef and renowned ambassador of Hawaiian cuisine — has been working tirelessly alongside a team of volunteer chefs to prepare approximately 9,000 meals daily. “Some of our chefs have lost their homes and they're right here right alongside us cooking for their community,” Simeon said. “Just gives you a sense of what the aloha spirit is.”

Inspired by these efforts, Pagliacci has donated an additional $10,000, which will be evenly split between two organizations supporting this work and aiding those in need in Maui:

Chef Hui: This program supports local food industry businesses that are using their own staff to provide meals to members of the Maui community in need.

The Maui Strong Fund: Managed by the Hawaii Community Foundation, this fund is dedicated to recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Thank you for your continued support. We are all part of the larger ohana, and it's in times like these that we need to come together to help one another.


Publish Date: September 13, 2023