Jordan Morris in the House!

Never meet your heroes, or so the expression goes. Well, we got to meet one of ours, and we’re only too glad we did. Jordan Morris, a star forward for the Seattle Sounders, stopped our Mercer Island store for an event supporting the Jordan Morris Foundation. We taught him to toss pizza the Pagliacci way, he autographed jerseys and more, everyone had fun eating and drinking, and we signed a BIG check.

Jordan Morris and Chance Fry Accepting Pagliacci Donation to JMO Foundation

When Jordan Morris was nine, he learned he had type 1 diabetes (T1D). After overcoming the shock and fear, he learned to manage his blood sugar. Like many young boys, Jordan dreamed of playing professional sports. He grew up on Mercer Island and excelled at soccer for Eastside FC, but worried his diabetes would sabotage his dream. No diabetic had ever made the US Men’s National Team or played in Major League Soccer.

Jordan Morris and Chance Fry Present JMO Jersey to Pagliacci

We all know how that turned out, but not everyone knows just how hard Jordan had to work to overcome his disease. Dr. Michael Morris, Chief Medical Director of Seattle Sounders FC and Jordan’s father, recently told Jordan that due to his diabetes he didn’t think Jordan was going to be able to play soccer in college, let alone play professionally. Jordan says, “I would be lying if I said that the thought never crossed my mind that this would hold me back, but, whenever it did, I reverted back to telling myself that diabetes wasn’t going to define me. It wasn’t going to hold me back. It wasn’t going to run my life. So I kept my head down, kept working hard at managing my blood sugar and really staying on top of my diabetes.”

Zach Murray, Luca Galvin, Jordan Morris & Chance Fry Tossing Dough

Pagliacci and the Jordan Morris Foundation (JMO) both sponsor the Eastside FC soccer club, which is co-hosting the JMO soccer camp for T1D’s this summer. Jordan says, “Thanks so much to Pagliacci’s for hosting this event to support the partnership between Pagliacci’s Eastside FC and the Jordan Morris Foundation. Eastside FC has been instrumental in my development both on and off the field, and I don’t think I would be the person or player I am today without playing for such a special club. Thank you so much to both Eastside FC and Pagliacci for supporting The Jordan Morris Foundation and it’s efforts to educate, support, and inspire T1D’s like me.”

Pagliacci’s interest in youth soccer runs deep. Co-owner Matt Galvin also grew up playing soccer on Mercer Island. A decade ago he was inducted into the Mercer Island Sports Hall of Fame. Jordan Morris just received the same honor. Supporting the Jordan Morris Foundation alongside Eastside FC is an honor and a privilege for Pagliacci.

The JMO foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for T1D while also educating, inspiring and supporting young people dealing with the disease. The inaugural JMO soccer camp for children with T1D was held in July of 2018 in partnership with Eastside FC. The camp was offered free to families, and the day-long camp quickly filled up with 100 kids from all over the region. This year’s camp will be held this August.

“We are thrilled to see so many soccer-loving kids competing in their Eastside FC jerseys with Pagliacci on their backs,” says Matt Galvin. “Jordan Morris perfectly embodies how a platform can be used for good. We are proud to be aligned with the Jordan Morris Foundation in his efforts in helping kids with Type 1 Diabetes. We think this is truly a dream team.”

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Publish Date: July 9, 2019