Slice of the day

Saturday's slice of the day is our Wild Mushroom Primo! This popular seasonal pizza features thyme-roasted wild mushrooms from Foraged & Found Edibles, onions, provolone, mozzarella, parmesan and parsley on a garlic, olive oil base. Get a taste today at all locations serving pizza by the slice. It is only available for a limited time.

Our Original cheese pizza and Double Pepperoni will also be found on the slice bar, along with another popular pizza combination of the store's choice.

A Match Made In Pizza

Avoiding workplace relationships is generally good advice, but there is always the exception to the rule. Despite the cautionary tales, longtime Pagliacci employees John Clifford, Director of Operations, and Audrey Middleton, Controller, will be married on October 10th at the Corson Building in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. Read our blog to see how John and Audrey have successfully navigated the rocky shoals of a workplace relationship for seven years.

New Improved Lasagna and Pesto Primo

While we at Pagliacci are generally sticklers for tradition, we are also restlessly inventive. Usually, our creative energies are spent on seasonal specials. But every so often we look for ways to improve old standards. This time we targeted our Lasagna and Pesto Primo. We tried a great many variations of both. For our Lasagna, we settled on a classic Italian combination of fresh pasta, slow-cooked Bolognese sauce, and rich béchamel. Find out more about the new lasagana in our blog post.  

Our updated Pesto Primo truly highlights pesto as the base of the pie. Thyme-roasted artichoke hearts have been added to the topping combination of imported peppers, ricotta, fontina and mozzarella.


They're only here for a couple weeks and we work to source local ingredients to complement the season. See our menu for full descriptions.

Wild Mushroom Primo

Featuring a medley of wild mushrooms from Foraged & Found Edibles.

Matador Primo

The star of our Matador Primo is the uncommon spicy pork salami originating from Calabria, Italy, called 'nduja (pronounced en-doo-ya).

Pumpkin Gelato

One of our seasonal favorites returns!

Gift Cards

A Pagliacci Pizza gift card is the perfect gift for pizza lovers! Load them with any dollar amount you choose starting at $5. Have it delivered with your pizza order or pick one up at one of our locations.