Queen Anne (Mercer St)


Queen Anne
550 Queen Anne Ave North
Seattle, WA 98109



We have temporarily closing this location due to the Covid-19 Stay-At-Home order. All of our other locations are open for delivery and take out. Our Queen Anne employees have all been transferred to our other stores. Stay well! We will see you here soon.

Store Details

Seating Capacity: 60
Serving Slices
Daytime Catering Available
Beer and Wine Menu
Freestyle Coke Machine
Outdoor Seating
Free Wi-Fi

A Little History

Opened June 20, 1988

Our Queen Anne store was the third Pagliacci Pizza. The corner of Queen Anne and Mercer just "felt" like a great location for Pagliacci, and that feeling proved to be true. The site was the original location of the Van de Kamp's Dutch Bakery; the area's landmark before the Seattle Center dwarfed the huge windmill towering over the bakery. We introduced our delivery service at the Queen Anne store, but the service proved to be so popular we soon added a separate kitchen nearby at Valley and Aurora dedicated to filling delivery orders. With Seattle Center as a hub for performing acts, cinema and sporting events, the customer mix at Queen Anne is the most unique. Formal wear and streetwear are often found in the dining area at the same time.