Riso Gelato

Riso is a gelato unlike any other and we've patiently awaited the day we could offer this seasonal option. With Gelatiamo's move to a larger production facility and a lot of begging from Pagliacci co-founder Matt Galvin our dreams were finally made a reality. The Arborio rice is prepared just like a risotto, stirring and stirring with cream, sugar and organic milk. One taste of the Riso and you'll see why we are so thrilled! [...]

Zucchini 500 XVII

Years ago we were looking for a way to be more involved with the local farmers markets so we were excited to take over sponsorship of the ever popular Zucchini 500 races. The Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance holds these races at a few Farmers Markets around the city to celebrate the bounty of the local zucchini crop. The event is now in its seventeenth year. [...]

STG Presents: Disney Musicals in Schools

As arts programs in schools dwindle nationwide, Disney is coming to the rescue! Keep reading to learn how Seattle Theatre Group is teaming up with Disney to keep the arts alive in a school near you. [...]

Give Some Warmth, Comfort and Joy

We are partnering with the Queen Anne Helpline this season to bring some warmth to our neighbors in need. Keep reading to find out how you can help! [...]

Spine-Tingling Halloween Fun

Halloween is creeping up quickly! No matter where you live, you'll find us scaring up some fun in your neighborhood! [...]

Take a Bite Out of Hunger

Did you know that one in six households in Washington doesn't have access to affordable, nutritious food on a regular basis? Keep reading to find out how you can help take a bite out of hunger! [...]

'Nduja: An American Spin on a Calabrian Classic

'Nduja (pronounced en-DOO-ya) doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but it does make mouths happy! Keep reading to learn about this tongue-twisting ingredient that's quickly becoming everyone's favorite pizza topping. [...]

Our Pet Cause: Helping Homeless Animals

From teaming up with the Boys & Girls Clubs to soup kitchen takeovers, making a difference in the community has always been an important part of our company culture. Most recently, our crew decided to take a little walk on the wild side and picked up a pet cause. Keep reading to find out how you can help! [...]

Magnolia Remodel: Behind the Scenes

Loyal Magnolia fans, do not be deterred by the boarded up storefront at the corner of West Dravus and 17 Avenue West! This location is very much open and everything is humming along as usual. Keep reading to find out what's happening behind that veil of plywood and scaffolding. [...]

Zucchini 500: Transforming Courgettes into Corvettes

Start you engines! The Zucchini 500 speedway is back for its 17th year at the Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets! We're sponsoring your speed racers for a third year running. Turn your courgette into a Corvette, send it down the track, and then learn how to toss pizza dough with our crew at this fun-for-all-ages event. [...]

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