Winter Seasonals - Butternut Sage, Pear Primo and Peppermint Gelato

We are highlighting the early flavors of winter with our Butternut Sage Primo, Pear Primo and Peppermint Gelato. Read more about these seasonal delights here, on our blog! [...]

Our Latest Fall Seasonals

It's late autumn and it's time to enjoy two late-season treats: chanterelle mushrooms and pecans! Our new seasonals include the Chanterelle Prosciutto Primo, and our seasonal gelato is Maple Pecan. Along for the ride is our new favorite slice pizza we discovered on a recent trip to Rome, aptly named the Roman Holiday. [...]

Happy 15th Anniversary, Luis Bibiano-Lopez

At Pagliacci each pizza is hand-tossed. As you might imagine, one of the most heralded skills in our ranks is the ability to spin the dough into perfect circles of even thickness. Getting it just right requires serious skill. Getting it just right each time on a busy Friday night requires seriously wicked skill. And no one does it better than Luis-Bibiano-Lopez. [...]

Friday Night Heat

Working the ovens at Pagliacci on a Friday night takes hard-earned skill, organization, endurance, focus, and lots of water. To better understand just what it's like we interviewed some of our best. [...]

Pizza Games

The stakes for Pagliacci Pizza's annual pizza making contest just got higher. [...]

Zucchini 500 XVII

Years ago we were looking for a way to be more involved with the local farmers markets so we were excited to take over sponsorship of the ever popular Zucchini 500 races. The Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance holds these races at a few Farmers Markets around the city to celebrate the bounty of the local zucchini crop. The event is now in its seventeenth year. [...]

Down on the Farm Series: Where the Kale Grows

We took a field trip to the Snoqualmie Valley to see where our kale grows! Keep reading to learn how we came to partner with fine folks of Oxbow Farm. [...]

'Nduja: An American Spin on a Calabrian Classic

'Nduja (pronounced en-DOO-ya) doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but it does make mouths happy! Keep reading to learn about this tongue-twisting ingredient that's quickly becoming everyone's favorite pizza topping. [...]

Magnolia Remodel: Behind the Scenes

Loyal Magnolia fans, do not be deterred by the boarded up storefront at the corner of West Dravus and 17 Avenue West! This location is very much open and everything is humming along as usual. Keep reading to find out what's happening behind that veil of plywood and scaffolding. [...]

Be Great Bellevue: Because It Takes a Village

What do Usher, Shaun White, Bill Clinton and Kerry Washington have in common? Aside from their celeb status, these four - along with many more famous faces - grew up with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. This week, we're teaming up with Eastside Boys & Girls Clubs to celebrate kids! Keep reading to learn how you can help make a difference. [...]

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