Meet Our Crew: What We Love About Molly

Molly Wakenshaw might be the newest pizzaiola to take the lead at our West Seattle location, but this general manager is anything but a novice. Keep reading to learn how she turned her after-school gig into a full-fledged career, the pertinent advice she received along the way, and what she loves most about life behind the make line. [...]

Meet Our Crew: Todd Weyand

After 20 years in our Commissary, the art of making great pizza dough is something that Associate Manager Todd Weyand knows intuitively. Get to know this resident expert and what keeps him coming back for more after the jump! [...]

Meet Our Crew: Brandon Steele

Meet Brandon Steele! He wears the hats of both Pagliacci Field Manager and General Manager of our Queen Anne Delivery Kitchen. Keep reading to find out how Brandon turned his after-school gig into a rewarding career! [...]

Meet Our Crew: Mike Niznik

Fifteen years ago, Mike Niznik traded that ubiquitous green apron emblazoned with a mermaid for one of ours. After working his way through the ranks at Starbucks, he hit a wall and was ready for a change. Spend a few minutes talking to Mike about Pagliacci and you'll be ready to throw on an apron, roll up your sleeves and start tossing dough too. Get to know our Bridle Trails general manager after the jump! [...]


Jeff Maneval has logged more than 31,000 hours behind the line with us. But, for this field manager and Miller Delivery Kitchen general manager, Pagliacci isn't just a paycheck, nor is it just pizza; it's a connection between people and food. "The company has kept me challenged enough so I never grow listless," says Jeff. "I would say [...] [...]

Meet Our Crew: Angela Agustin

Since the dawn of time food has brought people together. Many of our crew members have fallen in love between the lunch and dinner rush. But, we have one location in particular where the odds of finding your sole mate are stacked highly in your favor. Just ask our Bellevue Square General Manager Angela Agustin [...]

Meet Our Crew: Ashraf Abdalla

Ashraf Abdalla's career with Pagliacci got off to a rocky start. "His first day was a crazy day," remembers Field Manager Jeff Maneval. "I got a call from Jun [Kenney, Phone Center general manager] on a Friday night telling me to go help Sand Point out, which is not the norm. I left my store [...]

Meet Our Crew: Brian Youngdahl

At 22, having just ended a long-term relationship and dropped out of college, Brian Youngdahl was a bit down-and-out. So, he did what any brazen 20-something would do. Brian rallied his friends and set off on a Kerouacian, cross-country adventure. He probably never imagined his quest for something different would lead to Pagliacci, but we're so [...]

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