Zucca (That's Italian for pumpkin)

pumpkin092.jpgPagliacci co-owner Matt Galvin recalls that when he initially proposed the idea of pumpkin gelato to Gelatiamo’s founder Maria Coassin, she was struck by the audacity of his idea. A gelato traditionalist, Maria did not see how there would be a demand for this very non-traditional flavor. In Italy, pumpkin is not really used in desserts. As Maria was not very familiar with pumpkin pie, she did not know how traditional it was in the US. Matt persisted and they had a friendly argument over it for a couple of years. One time when Matt was visiting her store in downtown Seattle, Maria marched him outside and pointed to her sign. “See what that says? ITALIAN ice cream! Pumpkin is not an Italian gelato flavor!” She finally relented and made a test batch. “I didn’t think it would go anywhere” she remembers. To her surprise, everyone who tasted the batch loved it. It debuted as our seasonal gelato flavor in 2003. Maria admits that she totally underestimated the demand. We quickly sold out of our supply in the first two days. Pumpkin alone doubled our gelato sales and became a best seller at Gelatiamo as well. The warm flavors of ginger, cinnamon and clove are perfect for the holidays. It remains one of our top seasonal gelatos and opened the door for other non-Italian flavors like blackberry, salted caramel and Whoppers.