One of the zombies at the University PizzeriaHollywood zombies have come a long way from the slow, shambling monsters that were under the control of a voodoo priest in Haiti, where the film portrayals of them were usually set. Notable films of this first era of zombie movies were 1932’s White Zombie and 1943’s I Walked With A Zombie. It wasn’t until George Romero’s seminal film, 1968’s Night of the Living Dead that the “modern” zombie came into being. (Interestingly, the word “zombie” was not even used in the film. He called them “ghouls”.) No longer under the thumb of a voodoo master, this new breed of zombie seemingly came out of nowhere. Romero’s film opened the door to not only a slew of sequels (and imitators) but created a whole new genre of literature ranging from how-to manuals, such as The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, to humor, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith, and to literary fiction, such as Colson Whitehead’s new novel, Zone One. It can’t be denied, that Michael Jackson’s video for Thriller played a large part in bringing zombies to popular culture. Bezombied participants have taken part in “Thriller Dances” in Pioneer Square, Fremont, Westlake Center, and even at weddings! Although Atlanta boasts of being the setting for the television series The Walking Dead, Seattle is a hot spot for undead activity. ZomBcon is an annual event for zombie enthusiasts every October. In 2009 Seattle set the record for the world’s largest Zombie Walk, with 3,894 participants. This year’s walk in July was estimated at 4,522 “walkers”. Sadly, officials from Guinness were not on hand to certify it as a record. One last thing…Modern Hollywood zombies are FAST. Like, running at full speed all the time fast. Which, coincidentally, is how fast our pizza makers will be working on Halloween. Contrary to popular belief, Halloween, not the Super Bowl, is our busiest night of the year! If you visit any of our pizzerias on Halloween, you may even see a zombie making your pizza! Happy Halloween!