What a Super day Sunday is supposed to be!

Get your order in early

Pagliacci is really excited for this Sunday. The annual championship game between 2 major football franchises that are not soccer and can’t be referenced by its true name without threat of trademark violation will be taking place. Isn’t that SUPER? This year’s game involves a team of large men that are of uncommon strength, statue and girth. Their opponents are known for their steadfast fidelity to their area of origin in the United States and their fanatical willingness to defend it. This annual event regularly BOWLs people over with the extravagant sums of money that are spent on advertising during the game. This year’s teaser ad for a well known German car company featuring a chorus of dogs barking John William’s symphonic music theme made famous by a series of movies depicting a War in the Stars is sure to rank as one of the favorite ads of the game.

And, to help you tackle your meal plans for this massively televised event we will be opening at 2pm for delivery. We are giving away limited edition Pagliacci t-shirts to the first 400 deliveries. Have a SUPER day!