Uncle D's BBQ Sauce

Miller Delivery Kitchen General Manager Jeff Maneval, Darryl Smith, Cindy Harmon, her daughter Reese and Vice President of Operations Jeff Woodruff enjoy a moment at the Miller Delivery Kitchen.

Jeff Maneval, the General Manager of the Miller Delivery Kitchen, always chuckles when he tells the story of the impetus behind our latest limited offering pizza, Uncle D’s BBQ Chicken Primo. One of his long-time customers always asked if we had a BBQ chicken pizza. As this (very regular) customer approached 500 orders, he told Jeff that if we did not have a BBQ chicken pizza by the time he reached his 500th order, he would stop calling us. When he reached 499, he stayed true to his word. However, after going through Pagliacci withdrawals, he eventually started calling from another phone number. He still asked about a BBQ chicken pizza, and we’re happy to finally tell him that he can start using his old phone number again and hit that 500-order mark! We’ve developed a BBQ Chicken pizza that we think was worth the wait.

Our Uncle D’s BBQ Chicken Primo features Darryl Smith’s Uncle D’s BBQ Sauce as the pizza’s foundation. Darryl, his daughter, Cindy Harmon and granddaughter Reese recently joined Jeff and Vice President of Operations Jeff Woodruff to talk about the sauce and make the pizza. Darryl was inspired to create his own sauce by the memories of a BBQ sauce that he enjoyed growing up in California’s Bay Area. He thought, “What the heck…it can’t be that hard! They all have pretty much the same ingredients anyway!” He’ll be the first to tell you that it’s not as easy as he thought. After making gallons of sauce that didn’t quite meet his standards, he finally hit upon a recipe that he knew was the one. His first batches were made in 110-gallon vats that were so big that he had to use an oar to stir the sauce. His sauce is available at QFC and Whole Foods Markets. Darryl has expanded the recipe and now offers his sauce in mild, medium (the original) and hot.

Be sure to try our Uncle D’s BBQ Chicken Primo before summer ends!