'Twas the Night before...Thanksgiving'

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, when all through the house,

Every piece of food was for the next day, I felt bad for my spouse.

We both looked longingly at the spread that was there,

But it was all for tomorrow, and otherwise our poor fridge was bare.

I looked at her with a tear in my eye,

And then my brilliant wife exclaimed with a cry.

“Pagliacci!” She said with a triumphant yell.

“They even opened at 4 today! Quick, give me your cell!”

She punched in the number that we both knew by heart,

And we sat back and waited, both feeling quite smart.

And before long, what did my wondering eyes see?

But a Pagliacci delivery driver, smiling at me!

With a cheery hello and a dazzling grin,

We opened the door and let him right in.

We showed him to the dining room and as soon as he was able,

He showed us our pizza, and set our salad on the table.

We’d mentioned the Frequent Pie-er upgrade when to the CSR my wife spoke,

And the driver produced our half price 6-pack of Coke!

“Always dessert!” was our unofficial motto,

So of course we had ordered some pumpkin gelato.

The driver was courteous, prompt and efficient,

In no way at all was his service deficient.

He gave us a wave as he drove away,

“Happy Thanksgiving to all! We hope you have a great day!”  

Just a reminder that all of our locations will be closed Thanksgiving Day but we do start delivery at 4pm Thanksgiving Eve. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!