Travel the World with Pagliacci's New Seasonals

Have you heard? We have a glorious new test kitchen in our recently opened flagship store on Pike Street. Always seeking interesting new pizza combos, our testers have been busy scouring world cuisines for inspiration and ideas. Some of the new combos don’t quite click, but that’s how testing works. But sometimes everyone on the food team turns to each other with that knowing look: We found a winner. 


Our new seasonal, The Argentine, is one of those. It features Chimichurri, Argentina’s famous tangy green sauce. The herb-based sauce is made from chopped fresh parsley, cilantro and oregano with oil, garlic, and vinegar. We top the flavorful sauce with a mix of traditional and smoked mozzarellas and a trio of roasted vegetables: eggplant, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. We grate parmesan over the top and finish The Argentine with freshly chopped parsley once it emerges from the oven. 


The Matador Primo, our other seasonal, takes you from South America to the “toe” of Southern Italy. Over the centuries, many have fought over the region of Calabria. One regional specialty, ‘nduja, a spicy spreadable sausage, is a cultural byproduct of the 19th-century battles between the French and the Spanish. ‘Nduja is made with pork, herbs, spices and Calabrian peppers, which give the meat a distinctive red color and its heat. Our Matador Primo features ‘nduja made by La Quercia, buttery Castelvetrano olives, creamy fresh mozzarella and tangy Manchego cheese over crushed Italian tomatoes. 


And finally, because no meal is complete without dessert, check out our seasonal Peanut Butter Cup gelato, a playful mash-up of one of America’s favorite treats and sophisticated Italian gelato. The combo brings all the joy of splurge of in one-too-many peanut butter cups and a flavor complex enough to charm your inner sophisticate. Gelatiamo’s creamy peanut butter gelato is smooth and salty-sweet and studded with chocolate peanut butter cups. Warning: you may not want to share. A second pint may be in order.