Top Driver - Abbas Hayek


 Everyone knows that our delivery drivers are some of Seattle’s finest navigators, with detailed knowledge of the highways, byways and sideways between your place and our place. But did you know that they also check up on the rest of us to make sure everything is right with your order? We ask all of our drivers to take responsibility for every order they deliver, from checking the size and toppings on your pie to making sure your salad has light salami with dressing on the side. “Sure” you’re thinking, “That’s like asking a GPS to proofread my term paper.” Well, we submit Abbas Hayek, who delivers out of the 85th Street location in Ballard, to prove that there is more to our drivers than just an encyclopedic knowledge of our city streets.


Abbas holds the current record, having made his last 14,522 deliveries without a single error (more by the time you read this!). What does this nearly unbelievable feat mean to Abbas? It means he gets to hold the coveted Driver Trophy, which is the highest honor any Pagliacci Pizza driver can achieve. It means his name is added to the list of the best and brightest, written in gold on the trophy and preserved for all eternity. It means that he continues to embody perfection, shining as a beacon of what is possible to the rest of us satisfied with mere excellence. Abbas’ own words when I handed the trophy to him probably sum it up best. “This is the proudest and happiest day of my life,” he said. There was a long pause as he looked thoughtful. “Except for the birth of my children” he eventually added.