Time for Change: Stone Way Remodel Series

Stone Way Remodel 1

At the corner of Stone Way and 40th Street sits a humble building surrounded by a sprawl of homes and businesses. This is our second oldest delivery kitchen. With just a small counter and lobby, the Stone Way location has delivered a staggering amount of pizza in the last 20 years. Despite the steady swell of business and the rapidly evolving neighborhood, this location has remained untouched. Until now.

The shoebox-sized space contains a furor of activity as the staff gears up for the dinner rush, but everyone knows their place. They bustle along like a machine in the modest kitchen, tossing dough, building pizzas, moving them in and out of the oven. In the background, construction is already under way, adding an extra element of unrest, but the tenured staff takes it all in stride.

Slated for completion mid-August, the store is undergoing a revamp of the everything-must-go variety. From new pipes to solar panels, once finished Stone Way will be a glimmer of its former self. Customers can expect a new slice bar, large dining room with seating for 45, and a menu featuring beer and wine options. As for the unwavering crew, their new space is projected to be as impressive as their hustle.

Check back to get a behind-the-scenes look at Stone Way.