The Top 23

I know many of you are probably wondering whatever happened with our pizza contest. We received over 750 recipes and vowed to make every single one of them. It just took us a little longer than expected. We divided up the recipes among our locations and asked them to pick their favorite. It took us more time than we anticipated while we played with different ways to prep ingredients that we haven’t featured before like steak, shrimp and bacon. Some ingredients were unusual for pizzas like malted barley, sauerkraut and curly fries. However, that’s never stopped us before. People thought we were crazy when we introduced the Pear Primo. The good news is we’ve finally narrowed the field to the top 23 pizzas and will be picking the winning pie soon. Congratulations to :

Chris Bahr
Dana Ross
David Kendall
David Neiman
Elaine Kendrex
Eric Magnuson
Felisha Bahr
Jamie Randall

Jennifer Gauyan
Joe Rao
John Menendez
Kaili Pelzer Kim Deskin
Lara Alexander
Leah Tyler
Page Harader

Rachael Podesfinski
Ricky Wohl-Corbin
Roy Leban
Ryan Burkett
Shaughn O'Keefe
Steve Nordlund
Sam Reed

P.S. The recipe featuring malted barley did make it to the final 22.