The Fabulous Peltoncast


It’s been 11 years since Howard Schultz changed our city forever. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you’re probably a Seattle transplant. Seattle has been without its beloved Seattle Supersonics for over a decade now, but the brothers behind the local podcast Peltoncast have managed to keep the Sonics in our heart. In a city that is changing so rapidly, it’s difficult to maintain the unique culture that has shaped such an iconic city. Peltoncast manages to capture Seattle culture in their weekly podcast. It's not just sports that Peltoncast covers. You can also tune in and listen to Pelton’s search for the best food in Seattle. Serious debates are settled: Din Tai Fung or Dough Zone? Un Bien or Paseo? 

Dicks or Li'l Woody’s? Pagliacci or... Kidding! There was never a competition for the best pizza slices. No food podcast would be complete without discussion of beer; the sound of Rainier Tall Boys cracking open is a common background noise. 

As Seattle natives, Tristan Carosino and Kevin Pelton started their podcast in 2013 in hopes of making Seattle whole again by filling in the Sonics-sized hole in our hearts. Even with the tear-down of KeyArena, the soul of the Sonics lives on in Peltoncast. It's not just about the old though. You can find podcasts about every sport in Seattle; from Husky football and basketball, to Reign FC and to the upcoming hockey team. Not that anyone really knows anything about said hockey team. But it’s coming! And no local sports show would be complete without the Seahawks. Pizza is the obvious food choice when watching football, which made the decision for Pagliacci to sponsor Peltoncast easy. Pagliacci has grown and adapted along with Seattle sports teams. We even opened the same year that the Sonics won their championship title in 1979, and our sasquatch mascot is suspiciously similar to the Sonic’s Squatch. 


Whether you remember Pagliacci ads on Almost Live or recently moved to the area, you know that the community we help foster is an integral part of Seattle culture. Next time you can’t make it to a game, or are stuck in the Mercer Mess, tune into Peltoncast for your weekly dose of food and sports the Seattle way.