Summer Outdoor Movies

Bellevue's 40 Foot Outdoor Screen

During their heyday in the late 1950’s and early 60’s, there were about 4000 drive- ins in the United States. Rising land prices and the economic challenges presented by running a seasonal theater reduced that number to a mere 300 drive-ins in operation today and there is only one left near Seattle.

While drive-ins have been disappearing, outdoor movies are on the rise. There are a few organizations running outdoor movie series around the area this summer. Marymoor and Magnuson Parks both have series that charge a $5 admission fee and Fremont has its own “Almost Free” $5 outdoor cinema as well. Of course, it being Fremont, the audience participation is a show in itself!

We are proud to be sponsoring two series this summer, the West Seattle Outdoor Movies and the Summer Outdoor Movies in the Park in Bellevue. Both are free, feature pre-show activities and the proceeds from the sales of concessions and raffle tickets go to charities and non-profits.

There’s no need to stuff your friends into the trunk of your car to sneak them in or worry about whether or not the radio is actually going to pick up the sound from the movie. Bring the family, a blanket and maybe a sweater for after the sun goes down and have a great time!