When we started our Mushroom Primo this year, our hope was to feature wild mushrooms exclusively and to use a new variety for us, the lobster mushroom. Its firm, dense texture, rich interesting flavor and bright color really stands out on the pie. Unfortunately, shortly after we started the pizza, we couldn’t get them any more. Our seasonal pizzas are made with the idea of using what is available locally. The late summer heat wave made for a less then bountiful supply of both lobster mushrooms and the perennially popular porcini. Professional foraging is an art, and even the pros have had a hard time finding enough lobsters and porcinis to keep up with the demand. We’ve had to change our mushroom mix a few times this season. While Foraged and Found Edibles has kept us well supplied with chanterelles, we are currently featuring them with cultivated shiitake and oyster mushrooms for a pizza that a mycologist, or anyone else for that matter, would love! It’s the last weekend to enjoy the pizza. We’ll take advantage of the abundance of chanterelles with our next seasonal, Chanterelle Prosciutto. Starts November 3rd.