Salumi's Mole Salami

salumis-mole-salami.jpgThe lunch line at Salumi is legendary, quickly growing into a wait of 30 minutes or more. By now, just about everyone knows that if it is a quick bite that you are after, you had best get there as early as possible. Try a few minutes before they open otherwise you risk them running out of your favorite salami. Rain or shine, the prospect of having to wait does not dampen the enthusiasm of the crowds that queue up for their favorite sandwich. Maybe they are there for the Coppa, pork shoulder cured in sugar and spices, or for the house Salumi Salame. However, Salumi offers some unique salamis that you wouldn’t find in a typical salumeria.

Gina Batali from Salumi is proud to say that their Mole Salami is one of the products that sets them apart. They refer to it as a “Salumi innovation – uniquely spiced with chocolate, cinnamon, ancho and chipotle peppers.”

Salumi founder Armandino Batali developed this salami after a conversation with a friend who makes chocolate. He was inspired to incorporate the taste of chocolate into his salamis. With its flavors of chocolate, chilies and spices, mole sprang to mind. After perfecting a recipe, he introduced it 9 years ago and it proved to be an immediate hit. It’s so popular that their mole and mozzarella sandwich is one of their top 3 best selling cold sandwiches.

We think it is certainly unique and like nothing we’ve ever tasted before. We feature it on our latest Salumi Special, the Mole Primo. It will be available for a limited time.