Salumi Meatballs, Summer Heirloom and Whopper Gelato


Have you ever been to Salumi in Pioneer Square? If so, you have probably waited in line for their uber-delicious sandwiches. One of their most famous is Leonetta's Meatball Sandwich, which features three plum-sized, tender, braised-pork meatballs. They're so good Food and Wine Magazine named them one of America's best. For our Salumi Meatball seasonal—the winner of our best new pizza contest a few years back—Salumi makes us a smaller version of their famous meatball. We pair them with pepperoncini, onions, sun-ripened tomatoes, asiago and mozzarella over our seasoned tomato sauce. If you don't already know what's so insanely good about Salumi's meats, order this pizza and you'll find out. If you do, well…order one while supplies last!


Our Summer Heirloom features one of the great treasures of the summer garden: heirloom tomatoes. Have you ever picked one and held it, still warm from the sun? bursts with that unique blend of acid and natural sweetness. These summer treats bear very little resemblance to their supermarket cousins. This beloved seasonal is simply composed of sliced heirloom tomatoes layered with fresh basil on mozzarella and our seasoned tomato sauce. A dash of sea salt tops it off.


Anyone who has been to Italy knows those enchanting gelaterias and their glistening cases of multi-hued gelatos. Is there anything more memorable than an evening stroll along a Venetian canal as you leisurely savor spoon your two favorite gelato flavors? One thing we love about Gelatiamo is the way a spoonful of its gelato can whisk us back to that memory, if only for an instant. Another thing we love about Gelatiamo is their playful side. Our new seasonal flavor, Whopper, is a perfect example. Maria Coassin, Gelatiamo's founder, takes the American chocolate-covered malted milk ball and spins it into an Italian gelato. If you love Whoppers and you love gelato, this delightfully crunchy, fun, flavorful gelato was made for you. Will you find it in Venice? Probably not, but after a few ecstatic Instagram posts, you never know.

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