Rosé All May!


Spring brings blossoming trees and tulips, late sunsets and backyard barbecues, and, for us, it means it's time to stop and smell the rosé. OK, not punny. But rosé, like puns, can be good, bad or ugly. Rosé can be oh so good, or, cringingly sweet and cloying. Too many rosés seem rushed to market to meet the demand of America's latest fashionable infatuation. But rosé can be unforgettable, in all the right ways.

When àMaurice Cellars, the Washington State winemaker of Pour Me red and white wines that we carry, told us they were releasing a limited run of a Pour Me Rosé, we couldn't wait to taste it. And we're not surprised to report that it's wonderful—precisely the kind of wine you want to be drinking on a warm spring evening. And you'll be happy to know that it stands up well to flavorful foods, like pizza.

The 2018 Pour Me Rosé, made from 100 percent Malbec, is brisk and refreshing. Vibrant pink in color, it has a delightful mouth-watering acidity. Watermelon and alpine strawberry flavors dominate. And àMaurice Cellars made only 88 cases. We purchased as many bottles as we could and are proud to offer rosé all May. Order a bottle with your next delivery!

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