Record Complaint Free Streak!

Regular readers of this blog may remember when Abbas Hayek was awarded the coveted Driver Trophy. Abbas, a delivery driver out of our 85th Street location, has held the trophy ever since. The Driver Trophy is held by the driver who has the longest complaint-free streak. I’m sure you are thinking, “How hard can it be? Just don’t generate any complaints.” If only the driver’s job were so easy. Sure, our drivers aren’t supposed to generate complaints, but the real rub is that they are supposed to catch everyone else’s mistakes as well. Before leaving the store with your order, your driver verifies that every part of it is correct. Did the kitchen forget to put parsley on your South Philly? Your driver should catch that. Did the kitchen forget to put the dressing on the side of your salad? Your driver should catch that. Did the kitchen put sausage into your calzone instead of pepperoni? Come on, your driver doesn’t have x-ray vision! No one can catch that. (We are currently accepting applications for delivery drivers with x-ray vision). When Abbas earned the trophy by extending his streak to 14,522 complaint-free deliveries, it set the record for the longest streak in company history. Since then, he has been a busy man delivering pizza six nights a week to support his family. He called me recently and mentioned that he was about to surpass 25,000 deliveries without a complaint. I thought, “Impossible” and looked into the numbers. Of course he was correct, he doesn’t make mistakes! In all seriousness, when I started tracking “driver preventable complaints” in 2005 it never occurred to me that a run like this was possible. Abbas simply cares about his job and his customers more than I thought was possible. In addition to racking up an incredible 25,291 complaint-free deliveries (as of this writing), Abbas generates more praise about his service than any other driver. I have received scores of comment cards praising the service he provides his customers. They love him. Every time I share the latest customer praise with him he lets me know that the feeling is mutual. If you are lucky enough to have Abbas deliver your pizza, then you are getting your pizza from a truly special person. Of course, as is his custom, Abbas insists that I give partial credit to his store manager, Jim Tanguay. Abbas has always said that Jim is “the best” and that he wouldn’t want to work for anyone else. Jim truly is the heart and soul of the 85th Street location, and having just celebrated his 20th anniversary with Pagliacci Pizza he has had a huge influence on the entire company. Congratulations, Abbas, on hitting 25,000! And thank you for all you do for your customers. I know they feel the same way I do: Very lucky to have you.