Raising a Glass to Cinema Italian Style


We’re celebrating eight straight days of Italy's best film with SIFF’s Cinema Italian Style! The sixth annual Italian film festival kicks off on Thursday, November 13. Join us on this weeklong journey through the (Small) Homeland as we enjoy everything from Italy’s Beautiful Things to its Black Souls.

Seeing Italy in a Day can leave you craving Italian food, so be sure to drop by our Queen Anne location across from the theater afterward for some Quiet Bliss over a slice of pizza. Answer our daily trivia question correctly at the checkout to win free tickets to the festival while supplies last. HINT: You might want to brush up on your Italian film knowledge and general facts about Italy before attempting these questions.

So you don’t miss a moment of the fun, we’re also offering $3 off all films and parties through the end of the festival on November 20. Use promo code CIS2014 to redeem the offer online. Click here for complete information about Cinema Italian Style.