Prosciutto Fig Primo, Tomato Basil and Marionberry Vanilla Cream Gelato

Do you ever wander through the farmers market with no idea of what you plan to make? You just know that you’re going to find something so fresh and so flavorful that you’ll buy it, too much of it even, and then find ways to cook it. That’s kind of what we do at Pagliacci Pizza. 

We source the best local produce from Skagit Valley, the orchards of Yakima, and local organic favorites like Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center. Then we build our seasonal specials around the best produce we can find. This month, luscious ripe figs and plump, juicy tomatoes are some of the best fresh farm finds—and we’ve created a pizza around each of them!  

Prosciutto Fig Primo

Our Prosciutto Fig Primo combines farm-fresh figs with delicate, salty prosciutto—a cherished flavor combination in Italy. It’s one of those perfect salty-sweet mixes. This pizza features generous layers of prosciutto by La Quercia, the celebrated artisanal producer from Iowa, and figs atop mozzarella and an olive oil base. Out of the oven, we finish the pizza with fresh basil. 

Tomato Basil

We love our local tomatoes and feature them in as many seasonals as the crop allows. As the harvest season comes to a close, our Tomato Basil pizza is our last seasonal of the year to feature them. For this pizza, we slow roast them with garlic and basil. The result is a caramelized tomato with intense depths of flavor. We layer these treasures over olive oil and mozzarella. After baking, we top the pie with fresh basil. If you love tomatoes, this one’s for you. 

Marionberry Vanilla Cream Gelato

For our seasonal gelato, we headed down to Oregon for Marionberries. Their bright, complex flavor has won the hearts of blackberry lovers everywhere. Gelatiamo uses them for their decadent Marionberry Vanilla Cream. Baskets of just-picked juicy berries go into their marionberry sorbet, which is then swirled with a custardy gelato loaded with rich vanilla bean flavor. The result is a silky smooth blend of sweet cream and tart berries. 

These seasonal specials are available in-store and for delivery through October 2. Order now to enjoy the cream of the crop!