Pizza Contest

Top Chef, The Food Network and the growing popularity of food blogs have shined a new spotlight on food and cooking over the last few years. Whether you are wearing the apron or consider yourself to be a spectator chef, learning more about different food and ways to prep it is currently a growing interest among many people. We’ve been busy in our kitchens coming up with exciting new flavor combinations and thought it would be fun to hear what you, our loyal customers, would create in our place. Rather than limit you to ingredients currently in our walk-in (a.k.a. pantry), we decided to open it to other culinary treasures that are not currently on our topping list. If you’ve got a favorite combination or idea for something amazing, enter to win. The creator of the winning pie will receive a free pizza a week for a year and we’ll run the pie as our featured combo for 3-4 weeks alongside one of our seasonal pizzas. Since we announced the contest in our Fall/Winter newsletter, we’ve received hundreds of submissions. We intend to make every pizza and get our crew to weigh in on the results. They are the experts after all! Good luck!