Pi Day: Our Mathematical Formula for Delicious


Call us irrational, but we here at Pagliacci believe that pie should be celebrated every day; a constant bash honoring our love of that perfect circle we call pizza.

Pie’s numerical counterpart known as π or pi or 3.14159265359… is particularly special this year as it falls on 3.14.15. At 9:26:53 a.m. and p.m., math enthusiasts and pizza lovers will be united in wonderment of all things pi. This mathematical coincidence won’t happen again in our lifetime.

You don’t have to be a math whiz to appreciate our upcoming Pi Day deal though. This Saturday, March 14, grab a slice of pizza and fountain soda at any of our pizza-by-the-slice locations for only $3.14! Of course, you can always order up a whole pie and ponder its circumference to diameter ratio.

While you enjoy your pie with a side of math, check out our roundup of interesting pi facts: 

  • Pi has been accurately calculated to 10 trillion digits beyond its decimal point. 
  • As an irrational number, it's digits after the decimal are endless and non-repeating.
  • Also, pi cannot be written as a fraction. After giving it a shot, Archemedes found that the number lies somewhere between 220/70 and 224/71. 
  • Some Math sticklers prefer to celebrate Pi Approximation Day in July, since July 22 or 22 divided by 7 is the approximate value of pi. 
  • People have celebrated Pi Day for the last 27 years, but the number has been recognized as far back as we have written records. Around 250 B.C., Greek mathematician Archemedes was the first to calculate the theoretical value of pi.  
  • Chao Lu holds the record for most digits memorized. He recited pi from memory to 67,890 places.