Peachza Primo, Summer Squash and Peach Sorbet


Have you ever pulled into one of those roadside farm stands in Eastern Washington and eaten a ridiculously delicious still-warm-from-the-sun peach? 

You marvel at the complex sweetness of one of nature’s treats as you stand on the side of the dusty road. Then you buy a case because you think your friends and neighbors need to know how good a peach picked at peak-ripeness can be.

To celebrate Washington State’s famous stone fruit, we buy the best ripe peaches from Eastern Washington and put them on…pizza. Fruit on pizza you say? Wait, before you start, aren’t tomatoes a fruit? So why not peak-season peaches?

This fun pizza is all about the joy of summer abundance. We layer the sliced ripe peaches with savory roasted pork loin over mozzarella on an olive oil base. Out of the oven we top the pie with fresh peppery arugula and a drizzle of balsamic reduction, which lends balance to the sweet peaches.

Curious? Give it a try. It’s only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out.


Our second seasonal pizza is also a farm stand special. The Summer Squash Primo gets its goodness from local grower Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center. They supply us with the summer squash for this delectable pizza. Not only are the squash organic, but their quality makes them a favorite of many local chefs. We slice the squash thinly and layer them with Parmesan on an olive oil base. Out of the oven we top the pizza with fresh parsley, chives and tarragon.


And are you looking for the perfect treat to close out a late summer evening feast? Try Gelatiamo’s Peach Sorbet, another tribute to Washington State’s fantastic summer produce. They get some of the best peaches in the state from Tonnemaker Organic Farms, a family-run farm near Royal City, Washington, for this flavor-packed sorbet. Lighter than ice cream, the refreshing sorbet tastes like a nectar-laden farm stand peach.

Enjoy these farm-inspired seasonal specials delivered right to your door through September 3.

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