Pagliacci's April Madness

For the last couple of years we have had a best cook competition that has become our version of March Madness. Each cook is tasked with making the best possible cheese pizza in less than 60 seconds. This year we got off to a late start, renaming the event April Madness. We started off with 64 contenders and have narrowed the field to the final 4… well, really 6. With some very tight scores at the top we are taking the top 6 to the finals this Thursday. So who made the cut?

Josh Frost from Miller. Frosty returned to Pagliacci last fall after a few years’ hiatus and is ready to prove whatever skill he lost in Spokane, he more than regained through a busy fall at Miller. Newly married and expecting his first child he says this one's for the family.
Paul Williams from Crossroads. The only competitor from last year's final 4 to reach the finals again. His second round pizza was one of the best performances of the tournament thus far and he aims to show that the Eastside is for real.
John Bassage from 145th. John is one of Pagliacci's newest Shift Leaders and one of two people competing from 145th. He intends to show that the student has indeed surpassed the master.
Mike Baxley from 145th. His first round score remains the best of the contest. Baxley looks to atone for an early exit last year and show both his new Shift Leader and his roommate who is boss.
Brian Youngdahl from Ballinger. Brian not only possesses one of the best golf swings in Pagliacci, but his tossing form is picture perfect as well. Having won the GM contest years ago, Brian looks to add one more trophy to his mantel - right where Baxley has to look at it every day.
Kyu Han from 85th. Kyu has posted the best cumulative score and proves that 85th not only makes a fast pie, but a beautiful one. While 85th often gets narrowly beat by Miller for top sales, Kyu looks to take down Mr. Frost and give a victory for 85th in the heated rivalry.


Josh Frost not only tosses a mean pie, he sings a mean song too – often taking the title of Karaoke King at our holiday parties.


Paul Williams makes an encore appearance in the finals.


John Bassage steps up to the toss table in his April Madness debut.


The talented Brian Youngdahl is on a quest for another Best Cook title.


Kyu Han has proven to be a tossing savant in this 
year’s competition.