Pagliacci March Madness -- Sweet 16


Our current leader, Mike Baxley

This week we will narrow down the top 16 performers and end with the best 4. We have all 4 regions of Pagliacci represented and all are hopeful to move forward. Just who is eligible for March Madness? We take all employees who are Core Crew Certified and narrow down to 64 – with each store represented. To become Core Crew (CC) one needs to demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of our store – prep, tossing, topping, running ovens, running counter, and managing the dough. These jacks-of-all-trades are what help us make our kitchens run smoothly. Here are your Sweet 16* competitors, in order of score: (*Okay, we fudged a little; with a tie in the East we decided to let 5 in making it Sweet 17)

Mike Baxley, GM 145th
Pat Bedard, SL Lake City Way
Sam Kosola, AM Juanita
Chris Bunger, AM West Seattle
Marc Goodwin, CC Stone Way
Zach Lindner, CC Main St.
Matt Millen, CC Stone Way
Brian Youngdahl, GM Ballinger
Galen Lundquist, AM 85th

Mike Young, GM Main St.
Mikael Croy, CC Sand Point
Ethan Williamson, SL Main St.
Scott Heikkinen, SL Crossroads
Sam Snyder, CC Miller
Isaac Sommers, CC Magnolia
AJ Varni, AM Magnolia
Abraham Ackley, GM Valley