Pagliacci March Madness Day 3 -- North Regional

The weekend hit and our biggest turnout so far descended on Lake City to toss out the best pies they possibly could. With nearly 20 competitors tossing today it was quite a lot of pizzas to judge… and eat! Mike Baxley, GM of 145th, was glad for all the competitors because he nearly forgot about the competition and arrived very late. In the end it was better late than never as he tossed out a 30 second pizza that looked great – and gave him the top score seen in any region. Lake City Way Shift Leader Pat Bedard had the second best pizza of the day – and for a while looked like he might be the tournament’s overall leader. Last year the North was the strongest division and saw tight competition. In the end it was Ballinger GM Brian Youngdahl and Galen Lundquist, 85th Street AM, who put up the scores needed to move on.


The competition is ready to begin at Lake City Way.


Molly Wakenshaw from Ballinger steps up to the tossing table.


Quinn Ressler from Crossroads lays in with the sauce.


Jon Obrycki from 85th goes in for the toss.


Lake City Way’s Steve Crotts attempts to bribe the judges.


Edmond’s Jeff Aubuchon prepares his dough.