Pagliacci March Madness Day 2 -- West Regional

The West Regional tossed pies at our Magnolia delivery kitchen with hopes of advancing to the Sweet 16. With higher times than the East’s tossers, everyone hoped for a quality pie. With the majority of competitors either currently working at Magnolia or having worked there in the past Home Kitchen Advantage seemed likely to come into play. Former Magnolia Shift Leader and current West Seattle AM Chris Bunger put up not only the fastest time but best scoring pizza of the afternoon to move on. Current Magnolia AM AJ Varni and Valley GM Abraham Ackley also put up scores that moved them on. The last competitor to show up was Isaac Sommers of Magnolia, decked in purple shoes, purple shirt and shiny purple jacket. He proved that purple pizza tossers have skills too. His pie was second best of the region and moves Isaac into the Sweet 16