Our Upcoming Giveaway: Tom Douglas's Rub With Love

To help support some of our friends during this crisis, we’re partnering with them to give away special treats with deliveries. This Saturday (April 25 we’ll be giving away jars of Tom Douglas’s fabulous Rub with Love with every whole pie order. You’ll get one of three varieties: Salmon Rub, Seafood Rub, Smoky BBQ Rub. 


Here’s a message to our customers from Tom: I hope this “RUB” brings a smile to your face during these trying times. It’s fun to think that 35 years ago, Pagliacci founder, Dorene Centioli, and I were running into each other around Seattle while she was slinging pizzas and I was at Café Sport. Our paths diverged over the years, but here we are together again, doing what we love to do: feeding people! Stay strong, Seattle—and we look forward to seeing you soon.