Our Upcoming Giveaway: Rachel's Ginger Beer

For those of you who don’t already know, we’re sponsoring surprise giveaways to our customers. We’re fortunate to have a vibrant delivery business, but many of our peers are not so lucky. This Tuesday (April 14), while supplies last, we’ll be giving away a bottle of the wildly popular original flavor of Rachel’s Ginger Beer (RGB). 


Their original flavor is what started it all. It’s a fresh, fragrant and not-too-sweet soda made with just four simple ingredients: tons of hand-selected ginger root, fresh lemons, organic cane sugar and good water. Up front, you get the pleasing taste of lemon, followed by the bold, bright flavor of ginger that hits the back of the palette with a spicy warmth. 

Photo Courtesy of Rachel's Ginger Beer

The idea was born in Bavaria in 2011 when Rachel Marshall and her partner Adam met and decided to bring their love for European ginger beer back to the states. After months of hand-juicing an unreal amount of citrus and ginger, they landed a great opportunity to prep in a more commercial kitchen, and join the Sunday farmers market on Capitol Hill. From that point on, RGB has taken on a life of its own with four locations, including a flagship store in the Pike Place Market. 

As with so many local businesses, the coronavirus pandemic has been very hard on RGB. They’ve had to close two shops and have pivoted to takeout and delivery from their other locations. “We are thrilled to partner with Pagliacci to offer a giveaway to our friends and neighbors,” Rachel says. “We want to continue to provide moments of joy, even amid such globalized hardship. Thank you to Pagliacci for leading this initiative and for their continued support for RGB. We will get through this together.”