Our Upcoming Giveaway: Macrina's Cinnamon Rolls

We continue to support some of our friends in this crisis, and this Tuesday (April 28), we’re partnering with Macrina Bakery to give away some sweet treats with deliveries. With every whole pie order, we’ll be giving away six-packs of Macrina’s Cinnamon Rolls while supplies last. 


We bet you’ll love these as much as we do. Inspired by Leslie Mackie’s grandmother’s incredible homemade cinnamon rolls, these rolls make a splash at any brunch, or breakfast any day of the week. 

Macrina starts with a buttery brioche dough and rolls it with cinnamon, brown sugar and butter. The interior is soft and airy, and spiked with cinnamon and a caramel-like sauce that forms when butter and brown sugar bake together. The crust is crisp and flaky, like a croissant. The best part? A silky-smooth not-too-sweet cream cheese glaze that tops the rolls. 

The rolls come in oven-safe trays. Just pop the tray in the oven to warm them and dig into gooey deliciousness. Napkins advised. Enjoy!