Our Upcoming Giveaway: Cupcake Royale

To help support some of our peers, we're giving away special treats. With every pizza order this Saturday (April 18), we'll be giving away a two-pack of Cupcake Royale's customer favorites: Dance Party with Hollie Hobbie (vanilla butter cake with pink vanilla buttercream and rainbow sprinkles) and Salted Caramel (chocolate cake topped with burnt caramel frosting and sea salt). 


Cupcake Royale was founded in 2003 as one of the nation's first cupcake bakeries. Their made-from-scratch-daily cupcakes were an instant hit. They use premium ingredients like local sweet butter and dark Belgian chocolate. Their flour comes from a handful of wheat farmers in Eastern Washington who mill it especially for their needs. Their dairy is local and growth-hormone free, and their eggs are cage-free organic. 

Outside of making some of the best cupcakes we've ever had, Cupcake Royale has done so much over the years to stand up for their customers, their employees and their communities—from affordable access to healthcare to marriage equality and the $15 minimum wage. 


Photo Courtesy of Cupcake Royale

As with so many local businesses, the coronavirus pandemic has been very hard on Cupcake Royale and they temporarily suspended operations on March 17. We just heard some great news, though! On Saturday, April 18th, they are re-opening their Ballard, Capitol Hill and West Seattle cafes for to-go orders and delivery apps. Visit their website to learn more. 

“We are all in this together,” says owner Jody Hall. “We're so thankful for our relationship with Pagliacci and are thrilled and honored to be a part of this awesome promotion!”