Our Upcoming Giveaway: Caffe Vita

To help support some of our peers during this crisis, we're partnering with them to give away special treats with deliveries. This Tuesday (April 21), with every whole pie order, we'll be giving away a 4 oz. bag of their Caffe del Sol coffee beans.

Caffe Vita, the renowned Seattle coffee roaster and one of the largest independent roasters in the country, has been deeply rooted in Emerald City's coffee culture for over 25 years. Caffe Vita opened in 1995 on Queen Anne and quickly became a destination for musicians and a beacon of Seattle's thriving counterculture. Soon after, they were among the first to establish direct relationships with coffee farmers around the world, and their organic, farm-direct coffee exploded on the national wholesale scene.


Now you can find Caffe Vita's coffee in all 50 states, a slate of Seattle's best restaurants and bars, and even on Washington state ferries. Recently, Deming Maclise, owner of Seattle restaurants Bastille, Poquitos, Stoneburner, and Rhein Haus, and a minority partner in Caffe Vita, took over the whole operation. In an interview with Eater, Maclise, a former barista, said, "What I loved about being a barista was not just serving coffee, but connecting with people. I feel like cafes are just a great facilitator of community in that way." 

After so many years of building community, the coronavirus has forced Caffe Vita to close down all of their cafés and they’re now relying on community loyalty and kindness. Visit their website to learn how they’re helping with relief efforts.


We are proud to partner with the good folks at Caffe Vita to bring you some of Seattle’s finest coffee as we navigate this crisis together by focusing on supporting hard-hit communities and health care workers.