Our New Seasonals: Salame Piccante, Broccolini and Cappuccino Gelato!


Remember that little hole-in-the-wall place that was off the beaten track in Pioneer Square and had the ever-present line down the block? Yes, we are talking about Salumi. Well, they’ve moved from their cramped space to a comparatively spacious spot just a couple of blocks away in a historic brick building. Not only that, but they have enthusiastic new owners with ambitions to expand production and they intend to build on what Armandino Batali made famous in his tiny space. 


New co-owners Clara Veniard and Martinique Grigg, both former Amazon employees, purchased a majority stake in Salumi last October. Armandino’s daughter, Gina Batali, retains a minority stake. To facilitate their growth, they’re building out a new production space in Kent and intend to expand their market nationwide.  


Nearly every major newspaper or food magazine has lauded Salumi over the years. The late Anthony Bourdain said of Salumi, “That is a holy place for me. I love that place. I’ve jokingly said, but I’m half serious, it should be a UNESCO site. It should be a landmark.”  


We’ve featured Salumi’s artisan cured meats on our menu since 2006 when we launched our Salumi’s Spicy Pepperoni pizza. We also spotlight their delicate and flavorful Rosmarino Salami on one of our favorite seasonals pies, the Salame Piccante, which is currently available for a limited time. The pizza combines this salami with  fresh mozzarella and a crushed Italian tomato base. It is spiced up with the mild heat of Peppadew sweet peppers and finished with a sprinkle of fresh rosemary. 


One of our newest seasonal pies is the Broccolini Combo. Broccolini is so popular in our supermarkets today, but did you know it wasn’t even a thing until 1996? Just over 20 years ago when the hybrid of broccoli and Chinese kale was created, they couldn't even figure out what to call it. We love its tender stalks and mild, sweet taste, especially when roasted with sesame seeds, sesame oil, sea salt and a dash of chili flakes—and on a pizza! For this seasonal, we serve it on a blend of mozzarella and fontina over a base of olive oil and garlic. 


We are bringing back one of the first gelato flavors that we ever offered, Cappuccino! To make this Seattle classic, Gelatiamo uses Caffe Umbria’s Gusto Crema espresso beans. They pull hundreds of perfect Caffe Umbria espresso shots to make this gelato version of the classic Italian cappuccino. Gelatiamo’s Cappuccino Gelato is full-flavored, velvety in texture, and perfect for coffee aficionados. To savor it like an Italian, pair it with either Chocolate (Cioccolato) or Sweet Cream (Panna), or be creative and try it with Salted Caramel (Caramello al Sale) to make your own caramel latte. 


Enjoy all three seasonals through March 19.