Our Local Hero

homebrew2011winners1.jpegIt’s been a busy month for 85th Street Delivery Kitchen General Manager Jim Tanguay. Fresh off of celebrating his 20th. anniversary with Pagliacci, Seattle Weekly awarded his entry into their Annual Homebrew competition as the Best In Show. Coming out ahead of 55 other entrants, Jim’s beer was praised by the judges for “its balanced malty sweetness and nutty finish.”

It’s a rather far cry from his first effort nearly fifteen years ago. His mom had given him a beer making kit, but his first attempt tasted more of chemicals then of beer. He decided to give the beer making a rest until his wife Lilli planted a hop plant in their yard. As it would be a shame to waste the hops, Jim decided that he would dust off his kit and has been brewing beer ever since. Part of the appeal for him is being able to tinker with the different beer recipes making each beer unique. He is especially proud of the fact that he has made a lot of his own brewing equipment.

Jim’s “Best in Show” finish has provided him the opportunity to showcase his talent to a larger audience then the lucky few who have had the chance to taste his beer so far. Part of the prize is that Big Al Brewing is distributing his prize-winning beer as part of their “Local Hero” line. Lucky imbibers as far away as Alabama are enjoying the fruits of Jim’s labors. We are pleased to be featuring it at our University, Broadway, Queen Anne and Bellevue pizzerias during this month or as long as supplies last. Congratulations, Jim! Cheers!