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When we first began delivering pies around town, our famed Voice of Pagliacci, Jun Kenney, would keep track of customers on a Rolodex. She scrawled little notes on the back of each card; tidbits like where you lived, how you liked your pizza prepared, and if you had a sleeping baby that startled awake to the sound of the doorbell. These things were thoroughly documented to deliver a top-notch pizza experience. 

In 1993, Jun traded her file of cards for a computer and programmed it with all of that information herself. It wasn’t long before we knew we needed help keeping track of orders and delivering your favorite pizzas, though. Just a few years later, Luigi, our customized computer system, was born.

With or without the latest bells and whistles, our customer service reps go to great lengths to make sure you receive the best possible service over the phone. They have proved their prowess over the last three decades in the face of advancing technology. As other pizza places adopted online ordering, you still wanted to talk to us. But lately more of you want to order digitally.

So, we have some news that marks a pivotal moment in Pagliacci Pizza history. We are excited to present online ordering! With this new way to order from us, you can set up a profile, build your favorite pizzas and salads, and reorder customized pies from previous orders placed online.

Fancy yourself a Frequent Pie-er? Just add an icon to your smartphone home screen for quick access to the ordering pages:

If you still want our customer service reps to take care of you, rest assured that they aren’t going anywhere. Whether you have questions about our system, need to make adjustments to your order, or just prefer interacting with a human, we’re here for you! Visit us online, give us a ring or pop into one of our locations today.