Now Delivering Growlers of Manny's!

Growlers are where it all started for Georgetown Brewing Company. Until May of 2017, Georgetown Brewing Company only barreled their beer. That meant drinking it at a bar or filling growlers for home. That had been their modus operandi since 2002 when Manny Chao and Roger Bialous opened the brewery with their savings. Even though draft beer makes up only a small portion of the overall beer market—somewhere around 10 percent—Georgetown Brewing Company grew into the largest independent Washington brewery selling just that. The beer is that good! 

In 2017, they started canning three of their beers: Roger’s, Lucille, and Bodhizafa. (Yes, we deliver those, too.) But their flagship beer, Manny’s Pale Ale, remained draft only. In the pre-quarantine days, you could stop in one of our stores and get a pie and a pitcher of Manny’s. It was a popular choice. But now that we can’t eat out, we are bringing the experience to you! Filled growlers are just $13 (a growler holds four pints). And you can exchange the empty growler at Georgetown Brewing and get $5 off a full one. (Just be sure you rinse the growler before returning it.) 


The pre-filled growlers of Manny’s are about the freshest beer you can buy—as Georgetown Brewery says, “a growler is the shortest distance between the brewery and the customer.” When Manny was asked about canning his namesake beer, he said, “Manny’s is still such an amazing beer to experience on draft—there really isn’t anything like it.” We concur! It’s not as hoppy as an IPA, but has plenty of flavor—“a rich and complex malty middle with a snappy hop finish”—as Georgetown Brewing’s website says. 

When we started delivering six-packs of Georgetown beers, Manny said, “I think it’s awesome that you can get our cans from an independently owned, local company like Pagliacci that not only makes great pizza, but shares a lot of the same values as we do. Now if they would only make a juicy pork dumpling pizza….” 

We’re so thrilled to be able to deliver growlers of Manny’s that we may just surprise him by delivering a juicy pork dumpling pizza to his front door—no-contact delivery, of course.